Anima Vienna

Exhibition  /  07 Oct 2015  -  10 Oct 2015
Published: 04.09.2015

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Event part of OFF JOYA 2015


Artist list

Susanne Blin, Petr Dvorak, Jura Golub, Jaqueline I. Lillie, Gerti Machacek, Bao Toan Puls, Florian Wagner
ANIMAVIENNA is a group of seven independent art jewellers, whose work reflects their diversity. The individual members are unique in terms of their art and concepts. They share a common belief in artistic cooperation, exchange and endeavour, as well as a firm commitment to craftsmanship.

The group focuses on lending a new dimension to conceiving and creating meticulously crafted jewellery. Major factors in the members’ work are the individual otherness of their designs and the communicability of their different approaches. Equally important are freedom of expression, exchange of ideas and mutual respect.

The very qualities that enable the members of the group to appreciate similar aspirations in others permit them to translate their own emotions and intuitions into a compelling and distinctive art form. The group is aware of the different traditions and factors at play in modern art jewellery and seeks to go beyond the confines of adornment.

The very essence of the group’s work is rooted in a quest for new forms of expression commensurate with the world in which we live and the realities of modern society. Art thus becomes a reflection of societal diversity. Akin to all other art forms, art jewellery reveals not only the current stage and continuity of its genesis, with all its fissions and fractures, but also the utopias to which it aspires.

Independent of fashionable trends and art movements, ANIMAVIENNA focuses on the basic concept of jewellery and the pleasure it affords. The manner in which the members design and develop their jewellery is clearly shaped by their personalities as artists and each contains a personal message. All the members bring their special skills to bear and the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

In a globalised world that makes ever-increasing demands of the individual, the significance of creative artists as transmitters of cultural values in their encounters with people of the most diverse origins, with different approaches to life and life styles, cannot be overstated. Given its body-related individuality, this holds particularly true for art jewellery.

Opening: 6 October at 19h
Hourly: Monday to Saturday 17 – 21h