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ANIMITA International Fashion Showcase

Exhibition  /  17 Feb 2017  -  21 Feb 2017
Published: 20.02.2017
London Fashion Week
Andrea Pacheco González

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Chile’s installation is a rich experiment in hybridity: the fusing of spirituality, sustainability, heritage, art and fashion. Housed in an ‘Animita’ - a spontaneously erected roadside shrine - specially-commissioned designs by Chile’s emerging fashion talent are juxtaposed with work by visual artists in celebration of the country’s artisanal textile heritage. The result is a proud homage to the intrinsic characteristics of the Chilean textile industry that they are helping to revive - small scale production, an eco-sustainable ideology and the continuity of its ancestral origins.

Artist list

Lupe Gajardo, Matías Hernán, Ingrato, Jon Jacobsen, Valeria Montii Colque, Jo Muñoz, Sandy Muñoz, Ana Pavez, Sisa
Designers/artists include: WE WALKA Students Ana Pavez and Jon Jacobsen. Lupe Gajardo, Matías Hernán, Ingrato, Sisa, Jo Muñoz, Sandy Muñoz, Valeria Montii Colque 

The British Council, British Fashion Council and Mercedes-Benz will collectively present work by emerging fashion designers from 26 countries for the International Fashion Showcase 2017 when it returns to Somerset House for a second year in February. The exhibition will be the sixth edition of the annual showcase and forms a key part of London Fashion Week’s public-facing programme, which celebrates the universal relevance of fashion in contemporary culture. This is the first time the IFS will be supported and presented by Mercedes-Benz, who for the past 21 years has established itself globally as a key player and partner at key international fashion shows and events.

Between 17 - 21 February 2017 a series of installations in the West Wing at Somerset House will explore the theme of Local/Global. Fashion is shaped by its surroundings - the rhythms of nature, climate, cultural memory, social change and historical shifts are reflected in its form, techniques and materials. The peculiarities of place give rise to different ways of designing, making and wearing fashion; each its own unique aesthetic but dialects of a global language.  Almost every garment has multiple origins, is a product of multiple places and moves through multiple hands. By considering fashion within their own country’s landscape, the countries taking part in IFS will highlight the similarities and differences of our complex and connected world.

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Exhibition design: Loreto Martinez
Organised by: National Council of Culture and the Arts, Pro Chile, British Council Chile
Supported by: DIRAC, Embassy of Chile in the UK