Annamaria Zanella as Classic of Modernism: Artist Retrospective at Schmuck 2023

Exhibition  /  Exhibiting   Curating   MunichJewelleryWeek2023  /  08 Mar 2023  -  12 Mar 2023
Published: 27.01.2023
Internationale Handwerkmesse Munich
Wolfgang Lösche, Eva Sarnowski

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Within the special show SCHMUCK there is again a small extra exhibition at the upcoming fair. The recently deceased Italian jewellery artist Annamaria Zanella (1966-2022) will be honoured as a Classic of Modernism.

Artist list

Annamaria Zanella
Annamaria Zanella is known for works that combine colourfulness and critical statements. Her brooch Finistreblu, for example, is reminiscent of a window, the centre revealing a view, like glimpses of light from closed rooms out into nature and freedom. Wearing a window jewel becomes a way to let the viewer's gaze in and out while it tells its story. The story of these blue, red, and orange window jewels is connected with the melancholy of the time we live in, with the sadness caused by the sight of the bombed buildings in Ukraine without windows, where everything speaks of destruction and pain. It is a pure pain what is perceived from the windows of the many houses in Iran, where a theocratic regime denies women any freedom to dress freely or wear jewellery, to have an identity, as happened to Mahsa Amini.
In the tradition of Arte Povera, Annamaria Zanella worked mainly with simple materials such as plastic, broken glass, shells, the eyelets of old tin cans, sponges or nails: The artist then transforms these humble materials so that they appear magnificent. She soaked neoprene in such intense blue that it appears like precious lapis lazuli. The colour blue played a very special role for Annamaria Zanella: Blue is the soul, hope, she once said.

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Annamaria Zanella. Brooch: Blue Window, 2021. Silver, wood, pure lapis pigment, gold, steel.. 6.50 x 5.80 x 2.50 cm. Photo by: Marco Furio Magliani. Annamaria Zanella
Brooch: Blue Window, 2021
Silver, wood, pure lapis pigment, gold, steel.
6.50 x 5.80 x 2.50 cm
Photo by: Marco Furio Magliani
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