ANTIDORCAS LL 1601 by Lore Langendries

Exhibition  /  03 Sep 2016  -  08 Oct 2016
Published: 26.08.2016

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1 Sprinkbok skin - 54 Fragments - 45 Jewellery pieces. Lore Langendries makes contemporary jewellery and objects.

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Lore Langendries
In November 2015 she did a PhD in the Arts at the KU Leuven, the University Hasselt and the T[P-QHJ. Her research was focused on combining the reproducibility of mechanical treatment, intensive physical involvement of the maker and the qualities of natural materials like fur. From this unconventional fusion she made wearable (and not wearable) objects that balance on the border between unique and serial. For Ra Gallery Lore developed ‘HRWMJSUIHV PP 1601’, a jewellery collection made out of black springbok-fur. One single springbok-skin was cut into 54 fragments. Each fragment, usually cut into a round shape, zooms in on a patch of fur, on the specific details of the hair and the way it grows, comparable to highlighting a certain subject in a photographic image, and in doing so creating a new reality. Each brooch, pin and necklace is made with attention to the tactile quality of the artefact. With maximum focus on the aesthetic characteristics of the fur and minimal loss of material, the 54 fragments were made into 45 pieces of jewellery.