Arbeit by Katrin Feulner

Exhibition  /  26 Mar 2016  -  07 May 2016
Published: 16.03.2016
Katrin Feulner. Necklace: Arbeiten 6, 2015. Iron. 36 x 18cm. Photo by: Petra Jaschke. Katrin Feulner
Necklace: Arbeiten 6, 2015
36 x 18cm
Photo by: Petra Jaschke
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My jewellery is made out of objects that were already there before. I only take the objects to pieces, change the original form and put them together in new relations.


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Katrin Feulner
The German word Arbeiten, or Work in English, refers to both the process and the result. For Katrin Feulner working, the making of work, is the link between social, mental, and physical activity.
She crafts her jewellery from found objects, the function and context of which she often does not know. She disassembles them and then creates sculptural, wearable forms in an intensive and slow process of growth and development.

Opening: Saturday, 26 March, from 4 to 6 pm. in presence of the artist.