Exhibition  /  11 Oct 2019  -  01 Dec 2019
Published: 17.09.2019
Qi Wang. Object: Try Me, 2019. Hematite. Qi Wang
Object: Try Me, 2019
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As part of the program "Idar-Oberstein schmückt sich", the industrial monument Jakob Bengel and the gallery Chrome VI show an exhibition curated by Hans Benda with works by students and graduates of the university in Idar-Oberstein, within walking distance of two exhibition spaces, both sides, jewellery and free art, are depicted and exhibited.
Part of the studies at the University of Applied Sciences Trier, Campus Idar-Oberstein is an education in the free discipline of design. This means that students are given the opportunity to develop their artistic self-perception and attitude. Works are created for their own sake that does not have to be recognizable or wearable as jewellery or necessarily have to be recognized as works of art. At the same time, they are a living expression of the students' emerging artistic identity and, in their possible radicalism, surprising and revealing.
Felicia Mülbaier. Drawing: Selbstportrait, 2019. Felicia Mülbaier
Drawing: Selbstportrait, 2019
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