Arnoldsche Weekend Art Gallery # 7

Exhibition  /  09 Nov 2018  -  11 Nov 2018
Published: 26.10.2018

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A duo exhibition between a jewellery artist and ceramist, a conversation among the poetic and harmony creations.

Artist list

Karen Bablok, Gisbert Stach
Arnoldsche ART PUBLISHERS continues its exhibition series on exceptional positions in art, crafts and design – with jewellery works by Gisbert Stach and ceramics by Karin Bablok.

Surprising, beautiful, humorous, bizarre and stimulating: all words that describe the jewellery by Gisbert Stach. With his schnitzel brooches made from ground amber, his pearl necklaces ingrown in tree bark, and his rings embedded into asphalt, he experiments with processes of transformation and alienation and expands the term ‘jewellery’ to include new media, such as photography, video and performance.
Karin Bablok is one of the most prestigious ceramic artists in Germany. Her sheer porcelain one-offs are thrown on the potter’s wheel; some of these are then partially cut up to be assembled anew. The black glaze – at times gesturally expressive, at times geometrically linear – always makes reference to the form, emphasising the formal clarity and balanced harmony of her vessel objects. 

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