Arnoldsche Weekend Art Gallery # 9. In Memoriam Arnd Hoch

Exhibition  /  17 Sep 2021  -  19 Sep 2021
Published: 17.08.2021

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Since 2015, Dirk Allgaier and Arnd Hoch and their Stuttgart publisher Arnoldsche Art Publishers have presented contemporary ceramic and jewelry artistic positions at the highest level as part of the exhibition series Arnoldsche weekend art gallery. Until the beginning of the corona pandemic, artists from all over the world had added a new, important impetus to Stuttgart's cultural life with their work - from jewelry and ceramics to sculptures and installations to performances.

Artist list

Karin Bablok, Doris Betz, Petra Bitti, Thomas Bohle, Attai Chen, Karl Fulle, Mirjam Hiller, Mari Ishikawa, Beate Kuhn, Thomas Naethe, Johannes Nagel, Julia Obermaier, Elke Sada, Sebastian Scheid, Gisbert Stach, Silvia Weidenbach
Arnd Hoch died much too early at the end of 2020 after a short, serious illness. In order to remember our co-publisher and friend, we have now invited all sixteen artists who were previously involved in the Arnoldsche weekend art galleries to once again select some special works for the event.
Under the title In Memoriam Arnd Hoch, this very personal selection of outstanding artistic works will be shown in an exhibition in our premises in the south of Stuttgart. Even if the occasion is a sad one, we look forward to wonderful works of art and stimulating conversations, to the togetherness - because this is how we keep the memory of Arnd Hoch, the collector and art lover, alive.

The opening will take place on Friday, September 17th from 6 to 10 p.m. in compliance with the Corona regulations (3G regulation *).
The exhibition is open on September 18 and 19 from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Some of the exhibiting artists will be present.
* Please inform yourself beforehand about the then applicable provisions at this link

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Dirk Allgaier (left) and Arnd Hoch..
Dirk Allgaier (left) and Arnd Hoch.

© By the author. Read Copyright.

© By the author. Read Copyright.