Arnoldsche Weekend Art Gallery # 10. Nathalie Schnider-Lang Ceramic sculptures and Jiro Kamata Jewellery

Exhibition  /  12 Nov 2021  -  14 Nov 2021
Published: 15.10.2021

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The publishing house is continuing its exhibition series on outstanding positions in art, handicrafts, and design - with ceramic sculptures by Nathalie Schnider-Lang and with jewelry by Jiro Kamata.

Artist list

Jiro Kamata, Nathalie Schnider-Lang
The figurative sculptures by Nathalie Schnider-Lang testify to a high, intuitive spontaneity tanity. The polychrome painting of the works in light pastel tones, as well as the expressive surface, reinforces their dynamic character, focuses the light, and gives the figures an enormous lightness. With her impressive work, the artist succeeds in creating one of the most convincing representations of human existence in contemporary ceramic art.
Jiro Kamata is engaged in his jewelry artistic work with optical phenomena. He uses old camera lenses to examine and exhaust the play of light and reflection in jewelry. In his latest series. The lenses have a “holon” ​​colored coating so that an overwhelming three-dimensional hologram effect creates a unique illusion of depth.

The opening will take place on Friday, November 12th from 6 to 10 p.m. in compliance with the Corona regulations (3G regulation *).
The exhibition is open on November 13 and 14 from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. The artists will be present.
* Please inform yourself beforehand about the then applicable provisions at this link

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