The Artist as Jeweler. The contemporary jewel in Tuscany

Exhibition  /  17 Dec 2016  -  22 Jan 2017
Published: 13.12.2016
Sala Tamagni and Sala Cultura
Associazione Culture Attive, Silvia Giannassi

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On Saturday, December 17th from 10.30 a.m. there will be held a conference at San Gimignano named “The Contemporary Jewel in Tuscany”. It will end at 6 p.m. with the opening of an exhibition which will show contemporary artistic jewelry. The event is one of a kind in Italy and fostered by the municipality itself. 

Artist list

Serena Bifolchi, Monica Cecchi, Francesco Coda, Sonia Marcacci, Lucia Massei
Just as Valeria Accornero states in her introduction piece, with this particular artistic expression one gains an almost intimate connection: And then there is our time, the moment of the one who looks at the jewel. Worn, maybe, or during an exhibition more probably in a showcase. For us everything begins with the first glance and a tiny little question mark. That little and delightful doubt that awakens inside us, when something makes us curious and we start wanting to know more.

The ambitious intention of this project is to shed light on something different, barely known by the public, make people curious and maybe -why not- create a new audience, as well as to clarify the way different individuals work with jewels, starting with completely opposite premises. In the beginning there is going to be a reflection on the development of jewelry, especially in Italy, with an evolution that goes from the ancient world up to now, with a special consideration of the beauty and cultural diversity in Tuscany.

The convention, designed by the art historian Silvia Giannassi and curated by the “Associazione Culture Attive San Gimignano”, which during the last years has been exploring different expressions of contemporary art, is going to host presentations held by art historians, such as Lucia Mannini and Patrizia Agnorelli, which are going to talk about the history of jewels, from the Renaissance époque to Liberty Style up to the Thirties.

In the afternoon the main focus will lie on contemporary art, there is going to be a discussion in which, amongst others, the gallery owner Antonella Villanova, expert about contemporary jewels, and Lucia Massei, director of Alchimia - Contemporary Jewellery School in Florence are going to speak. Moreover artists and craftspeople which use jewels daily as a form of expression will talk about their experiences and explain their points of view. Six artists are going to display their artworks in the exhibition The Artist as Jeweler: Lucia Massei, Francesco Coda, Monica Cecchi, Sonia Marcacci and Serena Bifolchi.

Different materials and background stories are going to be connected, all of this in this beautiful city, known as the medieval Manhattan.  Throughout the day there is going to be the opportunity to participate in guided tours and visit the work shops and showrooms of some jewelers located in the historic center of San Gimignano, such as Macallè, Bittagioielli and Galleria J.

This in collaboration with the program of tours organized by Accade d’Inverno “Io sono San Gimignano”.
The exhibition is going to be visitable until the 22nd of January 2017 from 10.00 a.m. to 6 p.m. On public holidays on appointment. 
Lucia Massei. Necklace: Vostra Maestà, 2014. Yellow gold, silver, ancient epaulettes, crystal.. Lucia Massei
Necklace: Vostra Maestà, 2014
Yellow gold, silver, ancient epaulettes, crystal.
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Lucia Massei. Ring: Cheyenne, 2015. Yellow gold, emerald.. Lucia Massei
Ring: Cheyenne, 2015
Yellow gold, emerald.
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