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Aureus Feeling

Exhibition  /  29 Oct 2016  -  31 Dec 2016
Published: 17.10.2016
Creativity Oggetti
Verónica Pérez Artigas, Susanna Maffini Massera
Susanna Maffini Massera

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Inspired by the golden section, otherwise known as the divine proportion, the Aureus Feeling exhibition celebrates the universality of the golden mean proportion, thanks to the Chilean contribution to contemporary jewelry.

Artist list

Aqto, Klaus Bamberg, Silvia Beccaria, Pamela Cavieres, Claudia Correa, María Eugenia Muñoz, Valeria Martínez, Rocco Napoli, Peter Pellitteri, Rafaella Pruzzo, Verónica Pérez, Paola Raggo, Inés Reynoso, Vania Ruiz, Chiara Scarpitti, Stenia Scarselli, Yoko Takirai, Paula Zuker
Creativity Oggetti, an avant-garde space of art and design, opens its doors to the exhibition at the invitation of Verónica Pérez Artigas. In recent years, the creative ferment in the field of contemporary jewelry has become outstanding in Chile and other countries in South America, bringing the Chilean curator to choose Creativity Oggetti as a reference point in Europe for this exhibition, with the intention of giving overseas visibility to the works of its artists.

Thus the project Aureus Feeling was born, in line with the goal of the gallery to create a network extending beyond the territorial boundaries. The choice of linking Chilean and Italian artists, gave Susanna Maffini of Creativity Oggetti the opportunity to engage in turn a selection of Italian artists, who worked with the theme of the golden section.

Each work of the Aureus Feeling exhibition implies the management of sacred space in relation to matter, a concept revolving around the mathematical proportions that advocated beauty in many aspects of art throughout history. The artists are invited to shape this idea in the works of contemporary jewelry, according to a vision which is personal and free. The results are new creations of great aesthetic value. The golden section - discovered by Greek mathematicians after centuries of observation of the shapes in which nature manifested itself - offers an aesthetic harmony that has been applied since ancient times to different fields of knowledge (and which caught the attention of philosophers, surveyors, painters, architects and sculptors).

Today, this exhibition takes into account the use of noble materials to understand and fulfill their formal possibilities, in keeping with the so-called divine calculations. As the human body takes into account the harmonics of proportions among each of its parts, so the relationship between matter and shape, by which an art work takes form, takes into account a correlation between unequal parts. This proportion, which scientists and philosophers have translated algebraically and numerically, was mainly derived from the observation of the relationship that is established between unequal parts of one form compared to the whole. All the artists participating in this exhibition actualize this reflection, especially the concept of our body as the whole, with which a given work of jewelry is related. This simple and complex relationship between uneven longitudes and a totality, is the basis of one of the most interesting chapters of the History of Art and Science. Its charm probably lies in the fact that it is a primary aesthetic concept, allowing an intense mathematical formalism. Aureus Feeling offers the dualism of art and math, of natural sciences and humanities, which is the basic bond of life, that cultivated men in those days would not differentiated.

Aureus Feeling is partly a re-edition of the exhibition that was realized in 2014 for Itaú Foundation of Santiago of Chile, curated by María Eugenia Muñoz Curbelo and Verónica Perez Artigas.

Creativity Oggetti is located at the stately Palazzo Lanza, and since 15 years has aimed a spotlight on artists and designers whose research is focussed on creating hand made master pieces and defining a very personal artistic language. Creativity and Research in the Applied Arts are the main features of the items proposed by Creativity Oggetti. In recent years, a close collaboration with artists and designers exhibiting in the gallery has given birth to themed exhibitions, resulting in the creation of both single pieces and entire collections. 


Mon. 15-19:30
Tue.-Sat. 10-13: 30 / 15.30-19:30
Thu. 10-19:30 


Saturday, October 29th, 2016: 18-20, featuring the artists.
Sunday, October 30th, 2016: 16-19, featuring the artists.
Silvia Beccaria. Neckpiece: Harmoniae, 2016. Mixed media. Silvia Beccaria
Neckpiece: Harmoniae, 2016
Mixed media
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Veronica Perez. Ring: Anemona, 2014. Silver, gold, pearl and oxide. Veronica Perez
Ring: Anemona, 2014
Silver, gold, pearl and oxide
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Claudia Correa. Brooch: Natura, 2014. Silver, gold, steel. Claudia Correa
Brooch: Natura, 2014
Silver, gold, steel
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