Awe and Alchemy

Exhibition  /  15 Sep 2023  -  04 Nov 2023
Published: 14.09.2023
The Market Place Theatre and Arts Centre
Christine Donnelley, Anne Earls Boylan
Clodagh Molloy. Chain: King Midas Chain, 2023. Gold PLA Filament.. Photo by: Simon Mills. Clodagh Molloy
Chain: King Midas Chain, 2023
Gold PLA Filament.
Photo by: Simon Mills
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Showcasing the work of over 20 Association for Contemporary Jewellery members from across the UK, Ireland and further afield. Awe & Alchemy celebrates the diverse approaches towards values, material possibility, sustainability, and social connections, through the art of jewellery and adornment.

Artist list

Morvarid Alavifard, Dauvit Alexander, Cameron and Breen, Abbie Dixon, Elizabeth Drude, Anne Earls Boylan, Monica Findlay, Joanne Hartley, Joanne Haywood, Aisling Higgins, Eleni Koumara, Ariel Lavian, Emma McGilchrist, Clodagh Molloy, Jane Moore, Khajornsak Nakpan, Shiwangi Periwal, Victoria Prince, Lynne Speake, Lucy Spink, Celine Traynor, Julie Usel, Camilla West
‘Awe & Alchemy’ responds to a common ground between art and science and was inspired, by the historical importance of Armagh itself.

As the oldest city in Ireland, Armagh grew from an important archaeological hill fort site ‘Ard Macha’, dating from 95BC. Myth and reality have shaped its rich character and the two cathedrals, observatory and Georgian buildings are evidence of its history and importance as a place of learning and culture.

This exhibition celebrates our diverse approaches to the theme of Awe- as a sense of wonder and material possibility, & Alchemy- the complex weaving of ideas into skilfully judged forms, where materials & titles speak of values beyond expected realms. 

Jewellery is both art and science.

The educational workshops accompanying the Awe & Alchemy exhibition are supported by the Goldsmiths’ Centre.

This exhibition will act as a catalyst for makers to create challenging and thoughtful work which pushes the boundaries of their own specialisms. It is our hope that through this push of development, makers will grow their own practices and find further opportunities, feeding the all over growth of the craft sector here in Northern Ireland.

The Association for Contemporary Jewellery & Silversmiths N.I is a regional group of The Association for Contemporary Jewellery, whose aims are to support and develop the voice, audience and understanding of contemporary Jewellery and Silversmiths in Northern Ireland.
Membership brings together ACJ, AJN and WeAre Jewellery groups under one constitution as a regional body of ACJ, whose members are International. Our objectives support those of ACJ; to advance public education by promoting understanding of contemporary jewellery, to foster communication between practitioner and interested others, and to represent ACJ members within the region of Northern Ireland.

Opening: 15th September 7-9pm