Barcelona-Tokyo: Klimt02 meets MIDO

Exhibition  /  19 Nov 2010  -  30 Nov 2010
Published: 26.11.2010

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Klimt02 gallery has put together with MIDO an exhibition with a selection of works of the Klimt02 2010 Collection "The Beauty & The Best".
Klimt02 presents at MIDO a special selection for the Japanese contemporary jewllery lovers.

Our selection of works, presented through this 2010 collection, aims to involve you in the implicit concepts, messages, thoughts, ironies, questions, answers, transgressions and languages that have taken shape and have become physical beings.

Klimt02 show a selection of essential and benchmark jewels in contemporary jewellery. We wish to give you the chance as receivers to feel the emotion involved in appreciating a work of art, thus completing the artistic act.

These jewels incorporate different levels of language: tradition, innovation, history, present, words, sounds, notes, gaps, orbits and connections… as an exquisite way of discovering and understanding reality. These jewels deserve our attention: something is happening.

We are not striving for any kind of originality, trend or discovery but rather we simply wish to state that every single piece in the collection involves a high degree of creation with which we wish to address you as receivers of the message. We offer receivers and request of them the possibility of exercising choice, their selective affinity.

These pieces tell us how we understand things today. This is their contemporary nature. The creator, the artist or the jeweller is a catalyser of our reality.

Beauty is something more than ornamental; in this case it is the coming together of what is good, well made and essential. The Best, for us and now for you as well, is the selection of jewels on the basis of which to start to think and feel the best.
view of the display at MIDO.
view of the display at MIDO

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Fritz Maierhofer & Benjamin Lignel.
Fritz Maierhofer & Benjamin Lignel

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Jito Kamata, Peter bauhuis & Tore Svensson.
Jito Kamata, Peter bauhuis & Tore Svensson

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Manon van Kouswijk & Ted Noten.
Manon van Kouswijk & Ted Noten

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Gésine Hackenberg.
Gésine Hackenberg

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