Be Dazzled! at Munich Jewellery Week 2024

Exhibition  /  MunichJewelleryWeek2024  /  28 Feb 2024  -  03 Mar 2024
Published: 31.01.2024
Be Dazzled! at Munich Jewellery Week 2024.
Internationale Handwerkmesse Munich
Lisa Balasso, Eleonora Varotto
Graphic design by Alice Men.
Graphic design by Alice Men

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Arte Design Venezia and HOOROON are pleased to present Be Dazzeld! The collective exhibition that will literally dazzle the public. The selection contains jewels with juicy and fluorescent colors, iridescent reflections and chromatic transparencies aimed at mesmerizing the observer.

Artist list

Celina Glass Art, Renate Erlacher, Donald Friedlich, Eden Lennox, MADA Jewellery, MackBecks, Di Nai, Andreia Gabriela Popescu, Marie Wolf
The contemporary jewel has never been so dazzling! The aim is to offer visitors a selection of artworks that best represent the main features of contemporary jewelry: inspiration, character, identity. Each piece aspires to represent and identify with the interiority and the character of its wearer to strengthen not only the style but also to represent the deepest essence. Beyond the kaleidoscopic visual impact, the jewels on display manifest the artistic research and technical skills of their proponents: established and emerging artists. The works on display invite reflection and personal improvement, the synesthetic power of colors accompanies the observer in a sensory journey that evokes distant places, scents and experiences. The iridescent reflections change appearance, sensitive to movement; other jewels instead synchronize with the gestures of the wearer. Irreverence and originality characterize these extraordinary works of art. Come, and let yourself be dazzled!

Be Dazzled! selected artists: Andreia Gabriela Popescu is a teacher, designer and jewelry manufacturer. Her jewels are characterized by colors: the simplest tools we have at our disposal to enhance our positive emotions and nurture our well-being. Marie Therese Wolf is an Austrian technologist turned artist, residing in Milan, Italy. Her jewelry serie is composed of sculptural bodypieces adaptable to almost all parts of the body. The artist uses sources of inspiration in the realm of technology and performance to safeguard the wearability of her pieces. Eden Lennox is a contemporary art jeweller from Perth, Australia. Her creations are scratchy and irreverent, unconventional and with a certain punk aura. Renate Erlacher is Austrian, graduated in German studies and Philosophy, MA, PhD in Psychology. Her creations are the result of various techniques such as the use of noble metals, the Kumihimo technique from Japan as well as Urushi, an ancient laquer technique and precious stones. Celina Szelejewska-Pigulla is a Polish-German artist. Her glass jewelry presents an innovative and unprecedented processing technique that combines glass with color pigments.
Mackenzie Becker is a self-taught designer based in the United States. Her work varies in style from bold statement pieces, nostalgia, and storytelling through juicy and colorful jewelry. Donald Friedlich has been a leading figure in contemporary American jewelry for four decades. His works investigate the ability of the jewel to change through movement. The glass and the specificities of the polished gems used guarantee a luminescent optical effect that seems to come from another planet. Mădălina Spiridon is from Romania, every piece she makes has a special meaning by researching symbols of emotions, gestures, actions through the use of materials and colours. Di Nai was passionate about art from early childhood. Her Jewelry explores the concept of “non-precious preciousness,” seeking value in intangible things like stories, emotions, and non-physical materials such as light.

Opening hours: 9.30am - 6.00pm