Belt Closures from the Balkan States, Asia, and North Africa

Exhibition  /  17 May 2015  -  15 Sep 2015
Published: 20.04.2015
Unknown. Buckle: Untitled, 1920-1940, Buchara, Usbekistan. Silver, niello, enamel. Photo by: Alexander Zickendraht. Part of: Deutsches Goldschmiedehaus Hanau. Unknown
Buckle: Untitled, 1920-1940, Buchara, Usbekistan
Silver, niello, enamel
Photo by: Alexander Zickendraht
Part of: Deutsches Goldschmiedehaus Hanau
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Belts as functional adornments have a long tradition of representing the person´s status, believes and great craftsmanship of the makers. Not only exquisite embroidery as an early form of figurative drawing, but also intricate techniques as filigree and inlay were used for embellishment. Intensified exchange of knowledge and goods along trading routes as the silk road, gradually influenced the use of materials and the way of expression.