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Beppe Kessler: Ocean of time

Exhibition  /  17 Sep 2009  -  25 Oct 2009
Published: 22.09.2009
Beppe Kessler. Brooch: One night, 2009. Gold, silver, wood, balsa-wood, felt, gold thread, colour. 4 x 7 x 2 cm. Part of: Private Collection. Beppe Kessler
Brooch: One night, 2009
Gold, silver, wood, balsa-wood, felt, gold thread, colour
4 x 7 x 2 cm
Part of: Private Collection
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(...) If you could sculpt time, it would have the shape of space, of sky or water or land, or a bit of all three. In the endless distance lie wonderment and simplicity like a line connecting yesterday to tomorrow. Sometimes you are suddenly engulfed for a while by that delicious lethargy of time passing, the slowness of a day, an hour, a minute. (...)