Beyond Adornment. A Korean-Austrian Contemporary Jewellery Showcase

Exhibition  /  28 May 2024  -  28 Jul 2024
Published: 09.07.2024
Beyond Adornment. A Korean-Austrian Contemporary Jewellery Showcase.
Seoul Museum of Craft Art (SeMoCA)
Hyosun Lee, Hyerim Hwang, Ursula Guttmann, Susanne Hammer


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Beyond Adornment presents contemporary jewellery from Korea and Austria as a vehicle for powerful voices in the midst of social chaos and absence of communication.
During global crises such as climate change and pandemic risks, mankind has had to reassess the significance of materialistic value and communication. As we become non-materialistic and emotionally isolated in a society divided into excess and shortage, outrage and indifference, there is a need to stimulate our dried-up emotions and observe new potentials arising in jewellery as an alternative medium for communication. Once confined to the role of elevating beauty or symbolizing wealth and power, jewellery has now been established as an art form that has a voice of art, philosophy, and society. 

For the preparation of  Beyond Adornment curators from both countries have engaged in ongoing research and continuous communication in collaboration with the Austrian Embassy in Korea and the Seoul Museum of Craft Art.  Also, the Austrian Federal Ministry for Arts, Culture, Civil Service and Sport, along with the Austrian Directive General for International Cultural Affairs, provided funding for the exhibition.

This exhibition introduces the experiments of various forms and conceptual avant-garde in contemporary jewellery in Korea and Austria since the 1970s. Works by 111 artist/artist teams are exhibited in the form of a dialogue that embodies observations of different relations with the body, the use of nature for imagery, and various discourses on time and space.

The Artist List:


Kang Mina, Kang Yeonmi, Ko Hyejeong, Koh Heeseung, Kong Saerom, Kwon Seulgi, Kim Kyeok, Kim Sooyeon, Kim Seunghee, Kim Shinryeong, Kim Yeonkyung, Kim Yongjoo, Kim Jaeyoung, Kim Junghoo, Kim Heeang, Kim Heejoo, Moon Choonsun, Min Junsuk, Park Joohyung, Park Jieun, Bae Junmin, Seo Yeseul, Sung Coco, Shin Healim, Sim Hyunseok, Um Youjin, Oh Serin, Woo Jinsoon, Yoo Lizzy, Yoon Dukno, Yun Sanghee, Yun Jiye, Lee Kwangsun, Lee Namkyung, Lee Dongchun, Yi Sohri, Lee Seulki, Lee Sungyeoul, Lee Yojae, Lee Youjin, Yi Jung-gyu, Lim Jongseok, Jeon Yong-il, Chun Eunmi, Jung Ryungjae, Jung Junwon, Chung Jeemin, Chung Hoyeon, Cho Minjung, Cho Sungho, Choo Yaekyung, Choi Jaewook, Han Joohee, Hong Jihee.

Eva Afuhs, Elisabeth Altenburg, Andrea Auer, AND_i, Isolde Baumhackl-Oswald, BLESS, Sonja Bischur, Susanne Blin, Gunda Maria Cancola, Elisabeth J. Gu. Defner, Petr Dvorak, Benedikt Fischer, Verena Formanek, Pia Groh, Ursula Guttmann, Elisabeth Habig, Andrea MAXA Halmschlager, Susanne Hammer, Margit Hart, Brigitte Haubenhofer-Salicites, Anna Heindl, Christian Hoedl, Alexandra Hofer, Paul Iby, Ulrike Johannsen, Beatrix Kaufmann, Michelle Kraemer, Gabriele Kutschera, Brigitte Lang, Erika Leitner, Jacqueline I. Lillie, Gerti Machacek, Doris Maninger, Theresa Macourek, Fritz Maierhofer, Stephie Morawetz, Martina Mühlfellner, Anita Münz, Viktoria Münzker, Manfred Nisslmüller, paula.paul, Nadine Pramhas, Konstanze Prechtl, Wolfgang Rahs, Ulrich Reithofer, Anna Riess, Eva Schmeiser-Čadia, Werner Schmeiser, Veronika Schwarzinger, Ina Seidl, Peter Skubic, Claudia Steiner, Bernhard Stimpfl-Abele, Eva Tesarik&Birgit Wiesinger, Waltrud Viehböck, Ulrike Zehetbauer-Engelhart, Petra Zimmermann.