Bird, Fish or Somewhere in Between by Karin Roy Andersson and Sofia Björkman

Exhibition  /  08 Oct 2020  -  11 Oct 2020
Published: 01.10.2020

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First there was big bang, then about 4 billion years ago life appeared on earth. About 450 million years ago fish started swimming in the oceans and then 250 million years later birds were flying in the skies. Then it took about 200 million years until a gallery for contemporary jewellery opened in Stockholm and 10 years later another one opened in Göteborg. Strangely enough the women behind these galleries, Sofia Björkman and Karin Roy Andersson, independently developed an interest for fish and birds, climate impact and social changes in the society. Was it something in the water? Was it something in the air? Or maybe it all happens somewhere in between.