Blank by Marc Monzó

Exhibition  /  10 Jun 2015  -  17 Jul 2015
Published: 28.05.2015

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Marc Monzó presents on his second solo show at Klimt02 Gallery, the new body of work Blank. A series of 6 pieces worked out from industrially produced gold sheets without any treatment. At the exhibition will be also a selection of recent iconic works. The best opportunity to see and appreciate the craft skills of the Barcelona jeweler, one of the most internationally renowned Catalan artists.


Artist list

Marc Monzó

Blank is a collection of objects open to interpretation, entities straddling two states. They generate dialogue between a noble material, gold, and a bare appearance, with no finish: pieces made from  industrially produced gold sheets bent into shape, assembled and welded. The objects strike a fragile balance, but are clear and sincere at the same time. They are almost prototypes, produced through the minimum amount of operations. They have been made by hand, with virtually no tools, as if without technique or craftsmanship, with no desire to control. They display their limitations, the difficulties involved in their manufacture, their adjustments and corrections.

Their shape does not lie or conceal; it reflects a procedure, a way of working. They are the record of the operations to which they have been subjected, the memory of what has happened to them. They look as if they have been made quickly, as if absent-mindedly, in an embryonic form; yet in fact they embody a life of patience, learning and dedication.
/ David Steegman

About the artist:
One of the most international recognized Catalan jeweler. He lives and works in Barcelona.  Studied at Escola Massana. Awarded in 2006 with the Design Prize. Institution of Jewellers of Catalunya. Barcelona. Spain.

He has works at the following collections: Françoise van den Bosch Foundation, Netherlands. Stedelijk Museum's – Hertogenbosh, Netherlands. Museum of Decorative Arts of Barcelona, The National Gallery of Australia and CODA Museum, Apeldoorn. Holanda.

The most recent solo shows are:
At Gallery Oona, The Other Side of Jewelry, Berlin, Germany.  At Gallery Deux Poissons, Wall, Tokyo, Japan.  At Gallery Rob Koudijs, Wall, Amsterdam, Netherlands. And at Gallery Funaki, Marc Monzó/Kiko Gianocca, On Second Thoughts, Melbourne, Australia.

Marc Monzó has been regularly exhibiting at the following countries: Sweden, Portugal, Japan, Germany, Australia and Netherlands among others. In June he will be exhibiting at Klimt02 Gallery, Barcelona and in September at Gallery So. London. England.
He also collaborates with brands such as Santa & Cole, Galeria Taché, Union Suiza and designers as David Bestué.