Border by Jiro Kamata

Exhibition  /  02 Dec 2015  -  15 Jan 2016
Published: 22.11.2015
Klimt02 Gallery
Amador Bertomeu, Leo Caballero

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BORDER, the new jewels by Jiro Kamata, shows results of the research using dichroic mirror in his Jewellery, which has emerged from 3 generations development.

Artist list

Jiro Kamata
With his outstanding technical abilitys and the experience he made with 2 former collections, he created a new collection of work called "BORDER", almost 2 dimensional jewellery, connecting perfectly to the human Body trough surface construction and dynamically changing light. The geometric reduced shapes of this Pieces, emphasize perfectly with the material he uses, which is glass with a special technical finish that reflects only two colours, eliminating all others producing remarkably clear, yet surprising reflections.

The Pieces of the first collection "BI" are more complex. Made out of several layers of Glass and foil, which are interacting with light, they show colorful circles by moving. Caught in just a simple, forged silver setting, the artist managed to capture the alluring effect of free floating bubbles.

The "PALETTE" Brooches uses already the combination of Corian and the dichroic mirror in more simple shapes. Wearing them, you see vibrating colorful shadows on the white base. The light seems to be a living thing, changing the appearance of the Brooches by moving. 

Artists Statement:
Border is the line between something and something.
It could be existed between, stone and metal, light and shadow, white and black and also piece of jewelry and human body.
The new body of work "BORDER" is the 3rd generation, which is using dichroic mirror after "BI" and the Palette series.
White Corian switches the color of the dichroic mirror and divides into two colors on the mirror surface. One color will stay on the Corian but other color goes through the mirror and makes colored shadow on the human body.
This piece of jewelry is absolutely flat and geometric, shiny and colorful and it connect directly to the human body.

Opening: Wednesday 2 December from 19 h.
Hourly: Tuesday to Friday / 11 -14 h. and 16-19 h.