Botiga 2022

Exhibition  /  19 Dec 2022  -  21 Dec 2022
Published: 18.12.2022

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The Jewelry department of the Escola Superior de Disseny de València will celebrate, from Monday 19 to Wednesday 21 December, a new edition of La Botiga de les Joves Joieres in an edition framed within the year of the WDC.

Artist list

Blanca Ariza, Vicky Belert, María Blasco, Alejandra Capó, Catire, Meri Contelles, María Cortez, Esperanza Fernández, Glenny Lantigua, Lenka Lea, Jùlia Lechiguero, Mar Lluch, Brais López, Marina Mas, Arnau Mil, Sara Más, Ana Noguera, Ana Puchades, Iris Pérez, Jesús Raimundo, Laia Rocher, Clara Ros, Mila Rosenova, Ayla Rur, Asen Sadiki Asumani, Daniela Torres, Caroline Vale, Gemma Vendrell, Elisa Vieira Novas, Edwin Álvarez
For three days, Plaza Viriato will become a well-cared showcase for contemporary jewelry in which a total of 30 students from the school will participate together with the jewelry graduate students.

La Botiga de les Joves Joieres is, without a doubt, an excellent opportunity to take the pulse of contemporary and design jewelry in Valencia, get to know the works of new authors trained at the Escola Superior de Disseny de València and get closer to this discipline as a language artistic and creative and innovative industry. In order to make it known, students and designers will bring their work closer together, share and exchange impressions, show their knowledge, and exhibit their most commercial creations in the form of jewellery. It is an activity that is strongly committed in this edition to sustainable development and gender equality, with a majority of females participating in a profession that has historically been male.

The show is completed with a jewelry parade on December 21 at 5:00 p.m. and the fourth edition of the Joves Joieres Award contest, where three professional jewelers will act as a jury to choose the winning pieces. All the activities have the participation of the specialties of Graphic Design, Interior Design, Product Design, and Photography and Audiovisual Media of the Escola Superior de València.

Collaboration companies related to the jewelry sector: Fábrica 12, Sumes, Joyas Eloísa S.L., Martínez Pardo, Pedramar, Comforsa, Blasco Foundry, Aqua Aura, Bisbal Bertolín, Antevasin, Madenjo, Mundo Ceram, Enrique Climent, Remohí Vegase, Llumor, Fran Montes, Alberto Regaño, Fundiart Jorge Pallás, Semsa, MGM, Moldes Paulino, ELE KA, in addition to the invaluable cooperation with the Craft Center.

This year's organization is the responsibility of the third-year students of the Degree in Jewelry and Objects, the only one in the national territory, from the Escola Superior de Disseny de València.

La Botiga de les Joves Joieres will be held from December 19 to 21, from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m.