Exhibition  /  21 Sep 2014  -  18 Oct 2014
Published: 05.09.2014

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A box besides it's practical function can be appreciate by it's value and design. Galerie Ra and Galerie Lemaire present a mini-exhibition with different interpretations of this object.

Artist list

Maria van Kesteren, Paul Derrez, Thomas Eurlings, Maike Dahl, Chien-Wei Chang, Luzia Vogt, Julie Blyfield, Marian Hosking
A mini-exhibition of ethnographic boxes and boxes made by contemporary designers will be held at Galerie Lemaire and Galerie Ra in Amsterdam, from
21 September to 18 October 2014. In this follow-up to their joint exhibition of spoons last year, Lemaire and Ra are now focusing on boxes. Boxes, like spoons, have practical, decorative or ceremonial functions. Their design, sophistication and beauty make them valued and valuable objects.

The ethnographic boxes generally have specific functions, such as the wooden box from Tibet which is used for preparing tsampa, a mixture of barley flour and butter tea. Plaited or woven sirih boxes from Indonesia are used to store betel nuts and leaves.
Objects used for the making of offerings at marriage ceremonies are kept in the Teochew bridal box from China.

Although the contemporary boxes made by designers may have a functional purpose, they are primarily decorative objects in the style of each designer, produced using their specific techniques and materials. Maria van Kesteren turns her boxes from wood, Paul Derrez smiths them from silver, while Thomas Eurlings prints them in plastic. The exhibition will also feature boxes by Maike Dahl, Chien-Wei Chang, Luzia Vogt, Julie Blyfield and Marian Hosking.