Bro.och. A collection of brooches for all, including men

Exhibition  /  16 Jun 2017  -  08 Jul 2017
Published: 06.06.2017
Bro.och. A collection of brooches for all, including men.
Bilk Gallery
Helen Aitken-Kuhnen, Johannes Kuhnen, Mio Kuhnen

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This year we are once again banishing the long held stigma of the brooch, removing the bad 80’s connotations, the old lady tags and embracing the ‘anything goes’ style!  Because one should never underestimate the power of a good accessory to draw attention, to heighten ones appearance and to instigate stimulating conversation. 

Artist list

Helen Aitken-Kuhnen, Nick Bastin, Eugenie Keefer Bell Inari Kiuru, Zoe Brand, Melissa Cameron, Laura Eyles, Jo Hawley, Annelies Hofmeyr, Marian Hosking, Kath Inglis, Johannes Kuhnen, Panjapol Kulpapangkorn, Larah Nott, Janice Vitkovsky, Jasmine Watson
While many archetypes of jewellery are often associated with the feminine, we are blowing the cobwebs out of this old stereotype and this year Bilk is bent on seeing more gentleman donning a brooch or pin to their often bare lapels. We have set our sights at not just on the finely dressed dapper men, but to the rugged and everyday bloke who could just as easily pull off great brooch given a little bit of  encouragement. 

For Bro..och we have collected a diverse  and unique range of makers who have created a wide selection of brooches and pins ready to adorn the chests of Canberra's most discerning men and women (because men shouldn’t have all the fun). 

Bilk’s co-director Mio Kuhnen says “I grew up with my father adoring brooches, and every jacket had its own special brooch. Working with public servants I have noticed how blank and lacking their jackets are without brooches.  Once again I want to make the brooch become the accessory for both men and women.  The exhibition is also well timed as the Canberra winter is moving in and there is plenty of acreage on those empty jackets begging to be adorned.”