Cathexis at Melting Point

Exhibition  /  23 Apr 2016  -  24 Apr 2016
Published: 22.04.2016

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During Melting Point 2016 in Valencia Estonian Academy of Arts will be presenting the student work exhibition CATHEXIS at the Escuela superior de Arte y Diseño de Valencia.

Artist list

Federica Cogliandro, Miikael Danieljants, Viktorija Domarkaite, Sofia Hallik, Elis Ilves, Rainer Kaasik-Aaslav, María Kahnwailer, Moonika Kase, Annika Kedelauk, Kairin Koovit, Katrin Kosenkranius, Helen Kristi Loo, Triin Kukk, Liina Lõõbas, Eilve Manglus, Merlin Meremaa, Indrek Mesi, Erle Nemvalts,  Anneli Oppar, Darja Popolitova, Helina Risti, Hannes Tõnuri, Hanna-Maria Vanaküla, Edgar Volkov
Cathexis is:
a thread, the energy that moves along it becomes a memory, which is like a reflection of you
a thread, when braided develops your deepest desires
a thread, when cut stays to remind you of your loss
a thread, the pattern of its weave reveals your individuality
the thread of life
’Cathexis’ is a small selection of the jewellery and blacksmithing department students' latest works.The department of metal art includes two specialities: jewellery and blacksmithing. In the curricula, the main emphasis is laid on creative projects and critical contextualisation, enabling students to orientate in a rapidly changing cultural space while maintaining a perceptual subjectivity. Inquiring mindset and good craftmanship skills are essential for students in Department of Jewellery and Blacksmithing.
Merlin Meremaa. Object: Untitled, 2015. Steel.. Merlin Meremaa
Object: Untitled, 2015
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Maria Kahnwailer. Object: RARA ABYSS, 2016. Silver, Acrylic.. Maria Kahnwailer
Object: RARA ABYSS, 2016
Silver, Acrylic.
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Lotta Koov. Ring: THE OIL SHALE RING, 2015. Oil Shale.. Lotta Koov
Oil Shale.
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