Ceramic Works from the Freiberger Collection by Beate Kuhn

Exhibition  /  Collecting  /  14 Jul 2017  -  19 Nov 2017
Published: 11.07.2017
Beate Kuhn. Object: Bäume vor Himmel, 1991. Stoneware. Photo by: A. Laurenzo. Beate Kuhn
Object: Bäume vor Himmel, 1991
Photo by: A. Laurenzo
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With her unmistakable style and inexhaustible imagination, Beate Kuhn (1927-2015) is one of the most important German ceramic artists of the post-war era. Starting with ceramic for kitchen uses, she gradually moved on to produce sculpted vessels that reflect her critical inquiry into the oeuvres of both Joan Miró and Paul Klee.