the charm of the minimal. carl dau. jewelry and objects

Exhibition  /  18 Apr 2021  -  01 Sep 2021
Published: 09.04.2021
Carl Dau. Bracelet: 'ar-oval 3, 2021. Stainless Steel, color.. Photo by: Max-Photo. Multiple piece. Carl Dau
Bracelet: 'ar-oval 3, 2021
Stainless Steel, color.
Photo by: Max-Photo
Multiple piece
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Carl Dau elevated the work on series from the copying of artisanal work to a clear, pristine world, in which nothing was beautified and concealed, but where, on the contrary, it was demonstrated clearly and openly that another value exists, namely honest and clearly discernible serial work, largely completed by special machines according to precise specifications. nothing was covered up, nothing faked.