Colors by Karin Johansson at Hannah Gallery

Exhibition  /  10 Apr 2024  -  03 May 2024
Published: 22.03.2024

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Hannah Gallery presents the fourth solo show with Karin Johansson in Barcelona. After New Places, Abstractions of a City in 2012, Soundtrack in 2015, and Observation from a Distance in 2019, the Swedish artist is now introducing COLORS a selection of 10 new necklaces, works taking inspiration from her surroundings and memories of her artist in residency in the Capri Island.

Ten silver and enamel necklaces numbered, signed and created exclusively for Hannah Gallery.

Artist list

Karin Johansson
To work with the impressions of a specific place is a theme, frame and method that the artist has used in several of her earlier works. Such as in the projects New places: Abstractions of a City , Soundtrack and Observations from a Distance.

Colors, Ten chapters and Ten necklaces

Karin Johansson explains:

In September/October 2023 I was fortunate to spend time at Villa San Michele Guest Area in Anacapri on Capri Island. Besides the opportunity to share space and experiences with fellow grant receptions from the areas of art, science and journalism, it gave me precious time to reflect and focus on my own artistic practice. Another place, a different context is always, sooner or later followed by new perspectives and openings.

Daily long walks brought me along steep coastlines, narrow passages or remote places on the top of the island. In between, silent moments around the Villa and garden. Endlessly views as well as smells, sounds, colors and details. Culture and nature, structure and disorder.

Back home, with a treasure box of notes and impressions, I decided to select ten of my photos/observations from the island. These became the frame and guideline for the work to be evolved in my studio. One photo, one palette, one necklace.

Enamel is a technic and material I have, over the years, come back to. I enjoy both the possibilities and challenges. A combination of decision and control, together with an element of chance makes the working process interesting and also adds the moment of surprise. The fact that enamel is its own material, not just a colour makes it special. Even in the thinnest layer of transparent enamel, you can achieve depth and perspective. Something both near and distant, macro and micro at once.

The ten necklaces carry enamelled tubes of silver, in between them, small discs of gold. Every necklace is individual, but with a common measurement system and the selection of colors they are joined as a group, a family. Each one is signed and numbered.
The titles point back to the photos, the origin, and the inspiration.

With support from the Swedish Art Grants Committee: