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A Common Language by José Marín and Akis Goumas

Exhibition  /  21 Apr 2016  -  24 Apr 2016
Published: 11.04.2016
Círculo de Bellas Artes de Valencia

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This exhibition is born as a result of conversations between two goldsmiths, who have many things in common, through the passion for jewelry. From two different countries but with a Mediterranean culture which embraces them, they realize that communication flows naturally, almost more by gestures than by the word. Since they met, respect and admiration was evident in an immediate way.
Both use jewelry as a means to relate experiences or thoughts.

Artist list

Akis Goumas, José Marín
Nothing is what it seems
There is not only what our eyes allow us to see. The reality is not shown in sight, often is hidden, to discover we must be very observant and sensitive's. My intention in these pieces is the opposite effect to what happens in the reality, that is to say undress the essence of things and make it outcrop. In this collection, in appearance we see a textured surface, some with diamonds or embedded metal that represent the natural resources or the personal beauty, but all of them glimpse a lattice of titanium which comes to represent the essence, the soul and the truth. / José Marín

Layers upon layers
This recent work is influenced by my research into the field of archaeology and specifically by the work and environment of prehistoric craftsmen of the Aegean region. From the gold-working techniques to the colorful frescoes, this study was a journey in time and a discovery of the senses.
I collaborated with the sculptor Georgia Gremouti, who made the textile parts and supported me to this trip.
The colors of prehistoric frescoes of the Aegean area, the underwater cities, the ritual tradition of the Mycenaean’s  to saw golden decorated leaves on their clothing and the combination of opposing elements ( durable-perishable ,hard soft and malleable , male - female ) constitute the basis of this body of work.
…layers upon layers of history, half hidden and half revealed. Like a myth’s internal structure of layers, folding and winding in on themselves, exposing some parts while keeping others in the shadow. / Akis Goumas



Monday to Friday from 16:00 to 21:00 h
José Marín. Necklace: Metamorphosis, 2015. Brass, titanium, 999 gold. From series: Nothing is what it seems. José Marín
Necklace: Metamorphosis, 2015
Brass, titanium, 999 gold
From series: Nothing is what it seems
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Akis Goumas. Necklace: Fresco anulare, 2015. Silver, copper, gold leaf, textiles, pigments. From series: Layers upon layers. Akis Goumas
Necklace: Fresco anulare, 2015
Silver, copper, gold leaf, textiles, pigments
From series: Layers upon layers
© By the author. Read Copyright.