Exhibition  /  13 Mar 2015  -  15 Mar 2015
Published: 02.03.2015
Henriette Schuster

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A group exhibition by Henriette Schuster, Mielle Harvey, Laura Deakin and Doris Betz, alumni of the Jewellery department at the Academy of Fine Arts in Munich, and still connected through this shared experience, they come together to show their different perspectives on Contemporary Jewelry.

Artist list

Doris Betz, Laura Deakin, Mielle Harvey, Henriette Schuster
For this exhibition, they are each showcasing new pieces that characterise their most current work, accompanied by drawings. This is indeed a Conglomerate, and they welcome you to discover the connecting and diverging issues they work with.
Laura Deakin's work concentrates on exploring the balance between beauty and roughness. With a conceptual focus she references traditional jewellery forms in combination with alternative materials and explores the boundaries of wearable jewellery.
Mielle Harvey's work grapples with themes of preciousness, sentiment, and beauty while also embodying a sense of mystery and foreboding. Through making jewelry, she strives to conjure empathy for the natural world by creating little visual elegies...
For Doris Betz the starting point is nearly always the simple line, which flows into complex jewelry works.

Research into relationship is one aspect of Henriette Schuster's work. She sculpturally conglomerates different elements, extending her series ‚zerfügt'.