Containment. The National in Auckland

Exhibition  /  21 May 2017  -  27 May 2017
Published: 19.05.2017
Anna Miles Gallery

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Caroline Billing brings her gallery, The National, to Auckland for a one-week special exhibition at Anna Miles Gallery featuring works by New Zealand and international artists.

Artist list

Peter Bauhuis, Vito Bila, Julie Blyfield, Robin Bold, Warwick Freeman, Karl Fritsch, Crystal Chain Gang, Gavin Hipkins, Craig McIntosh
About the National Gallery
The National is a dedicated dealer gallery owned by Director Caroline Billing.

Specialising in contemporary jewellery by New Zealand and selected international artists, The National represents more than 40 jewellers, and also exhibits sculptural ceramics, glass, and object based works.

The gallery’s exhibition schedule seeks to act as a platform for the ideas and contexts that inform current practice. Billing is committed to showcasing established and emerging artists, with a curatorial focus on solo exhibitions of new work, as well as collaborative projects and curated group exhibitions.
Celebrating the tenth year of the gallery in 2014, and a recent move to new premises, the gallery continues a commitment to supporting the development of new work in the field and developing new audiences for contemporary jewellery and object, nationally and internationally.
The gallery started in 2004 and was originally located in High St, a growing vibrant area with cafes, boutiques and galleries. After the 2011 earthquakes destroyed the area, Billing remained committed to presenting jewellery in the city, exploring alternatives to a gallery space. Following pop-up exhibitions, The National presented “Host A Brooch” with jeweller Jacqui Chan. 7 months after the quakes, The National reopened in a shared space in Madras St and continued to develop its exhibition programme, providing a space for the city to view art.

In July 2014, The National relocated to an independent space at 241 Moorhouse Avenue, alongside fine art gallery and artist studios at Chambers 241.


Sunday 21 May from 3 to 5 pm


During the exhibition, 21 - 27 May, Caroline will be in the gallery from 11 am - 5 pm each day.