Contemporary Dutch Jewellery

Exhibition  /  13 Oct 2007  -  16 Nov 2007
Published: 17.10.2007
Andrea Wagner. Brooch: Magnolia Lane, 2006. Mixed media, a.o. bone china porcelain. Andrea Wagner
Brooch: Magnolia Lane, 2006
Mixed media, a.o. bone china porcelain
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The gallery presents in one show the works of 2 well known dutch jewellery designers.

Artist list

Andrea Wagner, Herman Hermsen
Andrea Wagner
The Architect Who Faced His Jardin Interieur -

“I am imagining a city-scape where building structures blend with the inexhaustible laboratory of nature; where nature not only inspires the creation of human spaces but where man-made structures are inconceivable without it.”

Herman Hermsen
“Since I started as a designer the main chalenge and item in my work is looking for new concepts and new technical solutions within a contemporary interpretation of traditional values and crafts in combination with expressive and innovative design.” 

Andrea Wagner. Brooch: Aquaductus, 2006. Mixed media. Andrea Wagner
Brooch: Aquaductus, 2006
Mixed media
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Herman Hermsen. Ring: 1/2 Cube, 2000. Silver, synthetic stones. Herman Hermsen
Ring: 1/2 Cube, 2000
Silver, synthetic stones
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Herman Hermsen. Necklace: Bookletchain, 1997. Photos, silver, rock crystal beads. Herman Hermsen
Necklace: Bookletchain, 1997
Photos, silver, rock crystal beads
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