Contemporary jewellery KONTTI 2007

Exhibition  /  06 Aug 2007  -  02 Sep 2007
Published: 09.08.2007
Simonkatu 2
Simonkatu 2
00100 -  Helsinki
Tarja Tuupanen

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The new Kontti exhibition is at the moment in Helsinki.
Traveling thoughts.

Pieces of jewellery are containers.
They contain the thoughts and sentiments, the skills and care of the maker.
They contain stories, told to us through the language of material and form, stories of human life.

Finnish jewellery is full of wisdom and poetry.
To understand the work shown in this exhibition, we have to accept that jewellery is more than decoration. Jewellery is meant to support an aspect of ourself, we recognize to be beautiful.
The work of the Finnish artists include allegories far beyond the beauty of form and material.
It includes, among other aspects, an appealing strangeness that can only originate from life experience.

A container is built to transport objects to their destination.
In this exhibition the container serves as a metaphor for the journey of the pieces. Leaving the hands of the maker, the piece travels to its final destination, the breast or neck of a person.
A piece of jewellery belongs on the body, but more than this, it belongs in somebody's life.

When the piece of jewellery has reached its destination and is worn by someone, a new life-circle starts, from now on the piece is traveling in symbioses with a human being. The jewellery will grow in expression through the personality of the wearer, and the wearer will accentuate his or her expression through the piece of jewellery.
Jewellery become a part of our personal identity. Whatever a piece means, it is regarded worthy to be chosen for adornment by the person wearing it.
Where the hands and heart of the maker were creating a story with an open end, now the life of the wearer will complete the storytelling.

When we travel, we leave our well-known surrounding and step over the border into a new world. To be able to travel light, we often leave a part of our personality behind us.
It is possible within the language of jewellery, to visualize the melancholic poetry of our ancestors or to travel with the feeling of the forest around our home.
In a new surrounding, in a foreign country, people will meet us with fresh eyes, look upon us in a different way. In this pleasant moment of being rediscovered, jewellery can complete the story of who we are.

Karen Pontoppidan
May 2007 

View of the place were the Kontti will be located.
View of the place were the Kontti will be located

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Work in progress.
Work in progress

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The location.
The location

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Kati Nulpponen. Necklace: Marlene, 2007. Photographer: Kimmo Heikkilä. Kati Nulpponen
Necklace: Marlene, 2007
Photographer: Kimmo Heikkilä
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Terhi Tolvanen. Brooch: Picknick-Branch, 2007. Ceramic, wood. 16 cm. Photographer : Francis Willemstijn. Terhi Tolvanen
Brooch: Picknick-Branch, 2007
Ceramic, wood
16 cm
Photographer : Francis Willemstijn
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Tuija Hietanen. Necklace: Necklace, 2007. Photographer: Tuija Hietanen. Tuija Hietanen
Necklace: Necklace, 2007
Photographer: Tuija Hietanen
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