Contemporary Tiaras. International collective exhibition. Part of the 2nd Lisbon Contemporary Jewellery Biennial 2024

Exhibition  /  17 Apr 2024  -  30 Jun 2024
Published: 14.03.2024

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Synonymous with the exclusivity of classic jewellery, a symbol of status, power and wealth, the tiara has practically disappeared in the contemporary world. In an artistic field that has in its conceptual genesis a critique of preciousness and the idea of ​​jewellery for everyone, what can a tiara express?

Artist list

Lúcia Abdenur, Ana Albuquerque, Maria Benedita, David Bielander, Sónia Brum, Ana Margarida Carvalho, Xinyi Chen, Lin Cheung, Marta Costa Reis, Paula Crespo, Tamia Dellinger, Ananieva Di, Rita Faustino, Alejandra Ferrer Escobar, Teresa Garrett, Nils Hint, Daniel Jirkovsky, Manuel Júlio Machado, Typhaine Le Monnier, Hugo Madureira, Marília Maria Mira, António Marques, João Martins, Grace Miell, Teresa Milheiro, Zélia Nobre, Ted Noten, Inês Nunes, Paula Paour, Ruudt Peters, Tereza Seabra, Alexandra Serpa Pimentel, Marina Sheetikoff, Carlos Silva, Catarina Silva, Diana Silva, Rui Silva, Manuela Sousa, Christopher Thompson Royds, Luis Torres, Joana Vasconcelos
Former students and invited foreign artists to evoke contemporary tiaras, a piece of jewelry almost forgotten in the 40th century, inviting dialogue with the classic jewellery from the Royal Treasury collection, in a new version of the exhibition held during the department's XNUMXth anniversary. Arco jewelry store.

Exhibition Design: Mónica Taipina
Graphic Design: Studio on Pluto

Opening hours:
April 17 - June 30, 10 am–6 pm
Access and Tickets here