Exhibition  /  07 Sep 2017  -  02 Dec 2017
Published: 24.08.2017

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Come to discover creations about fifteen Belgian and Turkish creators, around a glass, contemporary jewelry and a selection of objects (porcelain, wood...) will be exhibited. In the subject of this exhibition, a musical surprise is waiting for you. Art has no boundaries.

Artist list

Senay Akin, Nevin Arig, Elisabeth Baeza, Isabelle Bianchi Marchesseau, Burcu Buyukunal, Ela Cindoruk, Ann Cox, Anne Goy, Sophie Heymans, Audrey Ickx, Christine Keyeux-Schnöller, Eloïse Maes, Nazan Pak, Alain Roggeman, Burcu Sulek, Aişegül Telli, Ubustine, Audrey Werthle, Snem Yildirim
Contrepoints is bringing together Belgian and Turkish cultures through various forms of expressions.

Under the proposal of the Belgian-Turkish designer Nevin Arig, ICKX Contemporary Jewelry symbolically gathered Belgian and Turkish contemporary jewelry designers in search for freedom and harmony. 

This exhibition is a way of claiming freedom of expression through a modest gathering in lightness and simplicity for a moment of sharing and solidarity. A positive opening.
Senay Akin. Necklace: Paysage, 2017. Silver, stones.. Photo by: Gokan Kaya Studio. Senay Akin
Necklace: Paysage, 2017
Silver, stones.
Photo by: Gokan Kaya Studio
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Nevin Arig. Brooch: Untitled, 2017. Aluminium, resin, pigment, magnets.. Nevin Arig
Brooch: Untitled, 2017
Aluminium, resin, pigment, magnets.
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Alain Roggeman. Ring: Untitled, 2017. Wood, silver.. Photo by: Dariusz Kawczynski. Alain Roggeman
Ring: Untitled, 2017
Wood, silver.
Photo by: Dariusz Kawczynski
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Burcu Sulek. Ring: Blooming Happieness, 2017. Silver, gold sponge.. Photo by: Umut Töre. Burcu Sulek
Ring: Blooming Happieness, 2017
Silver, gold sponge.
Photo by: Umut Töre
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Aişegül Telli. Necklace: Untitled, 2017. Brass, silver, resin, pigments, glass.. Aişegül Telli
Necklace: Untitled, 2017
Brass, silver, resin, pigments, glass.
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