Crux by Tanel Veenre

Exhibition  /  13 Oct 2017  -  04 Nov 2017
Published: 10.10.2017
Tanel Veenre. Pendant: St Tit, 2017. Reconstructed coral.. Tanel Veenre
Pendant: St Tit, 2017
Reconstructed coral.
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Veenre combines musical tones and poetry with courage and bold themes creating a magical, magnetic world that attracts and captivates, but also challenge you as the viewer and wearer.

Artist list

Tanel Veenre
Estonian artist Tanel Veenre is one of the brightest stars in the jewellery universe. He brings up creatures from the depths of the oceans and covers them with a shimmer from distant galaxies.

Kulturnatta: CRUX is one of all the exhibitions and events taking place in Göteborg on the 13th of October during Kulturnatta. Find out more here:

GIBCA: The exhibition is a part of GIBCA Extended. More infor about GIBCA and the Extended program here:

Lecture: October 12th, 16 at the Academy of Design and Crafts
Tanel Veenre. Pendant: St Snowman, 2017. Reconstructed mother of pearl, silver, leather.. Tanel Veenre
Pendant: St Snowman, 2017
Reconstructed mother of pearl, silver, leather.
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Tanel Veenre. Object: Mutual Heart I, 2012. Wood, citrine, silver, cosmic dust.. Tanel Veenre
Object: Mutual Heart I, 2012
Wood, citrine, silver, cosmic dust.
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