David Bielander

Exhibition  /  25 Feb 2012  -  24 Mar 2012
Published: 23.02.2012
David Bielander. Necklace: Thonet 01 ('wiener'), 2009. Wood (original Thonet chair no. 14 (1859/bent wood)), paint. David Bielander
Necklace: Thonet 01 ("wiener"), 2009
Wood (original Thonet chair no. 14 (1859/bent wood)), paint
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(...) I make my interference: through the selection of materials and the use of techniques; from cheap production jewellery, from classic goldsmiths handwork and from hobby jewellery, I connect the wellknown with the all-to-well-known, forcing these often contrary contexts of “Applied Art” in ambivilent positions. (...)