David Bielander

Exhibition  /  25 Feb 2012  -  24 Mar 2012
Published: 23.02.2012
Galerie S O
Felix Flury
David Bielander. Necklace: Thonet 01 ('wiener'), 2009. Wood (original Thonet chair no. 14 (1859/bent wood)), paint. David Bielander
Necklace: Thonet 01 ("wiener"), 2009
Wood (original Thonet chair no. 14 (1859/bent wood)), paint
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(...) I make my interference: through the selection of materials and the use of techniques; from cheap production jewellery, from classic goldsmiths handwork and from hobby jewellery, I connect the wellknown with the all-to-well-known, forcing these often contrary contexts of “Applied Art” in ambivilent positions. (...)

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David Bielander
to be is to do

to do is to be

do be do be do

Ever since I build clear, figurative pieces. They look like common things. When I realise a piece, I aim to walk that fine line between making something simple enough that one unavoidably recognizes, but then simultaneously requires a conscious effort to get beyond the obvious. At the same time the piece has to be abstract enough that the viewer has room for shifts in perception when they engage with the piece. Then the piece should become something new when it is worn. This is jewellery made to be worn and to enhance the wearer. 

David Bielander, Januar 2012