David Huycke & Students: Best of 10 years of PXL - MAD

Exhibition  /  04 Oct 2015  -  17 Jan 2016
Published: 07.10.2015
Denise Gielen. Object: Faire les Cuivres, 2012. Plastic, copper galvanized. Photo by: David Huycke. Denise Gielen
Object: Faire les Cuivres, 2012
Plastic, copper galvanized
Photo by: David Huycke
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On display in the Silver Hall will be an overview of the work and artistic development of the Belgian silversmith and object artist David Huycke, who is primarily active as a professor at the PXL - MAD University in Hasselt, Belgium. At the same time, in the Gold Hall will be an extensive display of jewelry and objects created by the artist’s students and colleagues during the past ten years with him at the PXL - MAD.