A day away by Hnoss Initiative

Exhibition  /  07 Jan 2017  -  28 Feb 2017
Published: 02.01.2017

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A day away is the flight distance between Sweden and Thailand, two countries situated on opposite sides of the earth. It is also a saying used to describe something close and soon to come. It is just a day away.

Artist list

Charlotte Alfort, Karin Gyllerfelt, Anna-Karin Haag, Anna Norrgrann
In 2014 Hnoss Initiative was one of the organizers of a grand manifestation for contemporary jewellery in Sweden called ‘New Adventures in Jewellery’. During this event a number of exhibitions, lectures, workshops and surrounding activities took place in Gothenburg. In a special curator program one of our guests was Atty Tantivit, owner of the Atta Gallery in Bangkok, Thailand. After her visit and her impressions during this time, she invited Hnoss Initiative to curate an exhibition of Swedish jewellery in her gallery.

Hnoss Initiative decided to invite four young artists for this exhibition, recently graduated from HDK in Gothenburg. Each of them is showing a very personal way of expressing their thoughts through material and techniques. The results are individual approaches to jewellery that offer new perceptions to known patterns. A mix of artists that well represents the voice of Swedish jewellery today, poetic, innovative, sensitive and humoristic.

Introducing the exhibition in a distant place offers a new perspective and brings today and tomorrow closer together. It is just a day away.
A day Away exhibition shows work from:

Anna-Karin Haag
Daily collages made to capture the mood of the day. Transferred into jewellery.

Anna Norrgrann
The metal sheet forced to strain and deform. The folds, marks and cracks hold or repel when colour pigments are put on and sealed.

Charlotte Alfort
Poetic portraits of people and fruit, embossed and enamelled

Karin Gyllerfelt
The image of fallen folded silk is etched into silver. The lightness of the textile now petrified and still there.
Anna Norrgrann. Necklace: In Division, 2016. Aluminum. Anna Norrgrann
Necklace: In Division, 2016
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Karin Gyllerfelt. Necklace: Untitled, 2012. Silver, paint, textile.. Karin Gyllerfelt
Necklace: Untitled, 2012
Silver, paint, textile.
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Charlotte Alfort. Pendant: To pine in the sense of longing, 2016. Silver, thread, enamel, glass.. Charlotte Alfort
Pendant: To pine in the sense of longing, 2016
Silver, thread, enamel, glass.
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Anna-Karin Haag. Brooch: Force, 2016. MDF-board, veneer, copper, steel.. Anna-Karin Haag
Brooch: Force, 2016
MDF-board, veneer, copper, steel.
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