Dear Shanghai by Challenging Jewellery

Exhibition  /  30 Nov 2019
Published: 13.12.2019

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In a special session of our ongoing challenging series, artists in residence Challenging Jewellery Collective invite you, the public, to join our practice for a day. Exercises, interventions, and encounters to stimulate conversation and have FUN!
Challenging Jewellery artist residency via San W Studios.

Artist list

Seline Durrer, Silvia Faggiani, Gabriella Goldsmith, Ting Gong, Margaret Munchheimer, Eva Van Kempen, Marilyn Volkman, Morgane de Klerk
Dear Shanghai,

Do you want to play?

Love, Amsterdam

CJ (Challenging Jewellery) is a collective of artists, thinkers and designers based in Amsterdam whose work aims to transform the role of jewellery in society.

Initiated as the Challenging Jewellery programme at the Sandberg Institute led by BLESS, Ruudt Peters, Ted Noten, Gijs Bakker and Liesbeth den Besten; the collective see jewellery as a communicative material with the potential to forge new social currencies by expanding human interaction.
Dear Shanghai postcard, photo by Morgane de Klerk..
Dear Shanghai postcard, photo by Morgane de Klerk.

© By the author. Read Copyright.
Challenging Jewellery. Piece: Slow Reveal, 2019. Fabric. Photo by: Morgane de Klerk. Challenging Jewellery
Piece: Slow Reveal, 2019
Photo by: Morgane de Klerk
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