Decomposition Dreams by Jorge Manilla

Exhibition  /  19 Jan 2019  -  09 Mar 2019
Published: 08.01.2019
Jorge Manilla. Brooch: Descomposition Dream, 2019. Wood, tree bark, Polymer gypsum, steel.. 14 x 7 x 2 cm. Photo by: Jorge Manilla. From series: Decomposition Dreams. Jorge Manilla
Brooch: Descomposition Dream, 2019
Wood, tree bark, Polymer gypsum, steel.
14 x 7 x 2 cm
Photo by: Jorge Manilla
From series: Decomposition Dreams
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We humans usually run away from confronting our darkest fears and feelings. It is my aim to discuss them and, through my jewellery pieces, give others an opportunity to do the same. My series Decomposition Dreams represents the vulnerability of the human body in its raw beauty.