Decorative Digitalism at Temple Contemporary

Exhibition  /  10 Nov 2023  -  04 Feb 2024
Published: 02.11.2023

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The International Jewelry Exhibition opens at Temple Contemporary, presenting 14 Korean and U.S. artists who blend craftsmanship with digital technology.

Artist list

Doug Bucci, Sunyoung Cheong, Wanhee Cho, Yoonjung Choi, Laura Forte, Jinwoon Jeong, Ryunhjae Jung, Donghyun Kim, Dongchun Lee, Sungyeoul Lee, Yebin Lee, Bogki Min, Ju-hyung Park, Dukno Yoon
Temple Contemporary, the center for exhibitions and public programs at the Tyler School of Art and Architecture at Temple University, opens a compelling jewelry exhibition this month highlighting the fusion of manual craftsmanship and digital technology by 14 artists from domestic and international backgrounds. 
The exhibition Decorative Digitalism is a collaborative effort between Kookmin University in Seoul, South Korea, and the Tyler’s Metals/Jewelry/CAD-CAM (MJCC) program. It demonstrates the recent embrace in jewelry making of digital research to offer new creative experiences.  
'Jewelry, an item with physical and emotional significance to its wearer, has evolved in terms of materials and techniques, allowing for the expression of diverse meanings, symbols, and aesthetic forms.' says Associate Professor Doug Bucci, program head of the MJCC program. 
By combining various digital-based production processes with traditional crafts, such as 3D printing, 3D scanning, photochemical machining for precise component production, and advanced techniques like five-axis computer numerically controlled (CNC) milling and laser engraving for intricate designs, the artists have created work that captivates audiences with curiosity and visual delight. 
This innovative blend of digital technology and craftsmanship transcends the technical limitations of manual skills and expands the possibilities regarding materials, forms, and production methods. 
'Jewelry has always been a realm of creative experimentation and challenges, and technological advancements bring excitement rather than unease to this creative field,' said Bucci.

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