Designed by Nature

Exhibition  /  04 Oct 2018  -  06 Oct 2018
Published: 23.10.2018
Exhibition venue, Eekhoorns Homme de Vries 1951..
Exhibition venue, Eekhoorns Homme de Vries 1951.

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For centuries, nature has been a source to artists and crafts people. A source of inspiration, both in form and material. So, too, for gold and silversmiths. Nature, in its endless variety, captured – sometimes literally- in gold and silver. Frozen, as it were, in time and space, in a capsule of precious metal. What if we were to return these animals, flowers and plants to nature? Touched by humans, enshrined in a glossy material, immobile. What would such an unexpected return of these frozen creatures–so powerful a contrast with the breathing, ever shifting environment that gave birth to them – look like?