The Dinner #2 by Mia Maljojoki & Annika Pettersson

Exhibition  /  03 Dec 2016  -  23 Dec 2016
Published: 01.12.2016
Annika Pettersson. Brooch: Cutting edge, 2016. Found object, knife, wire.. Photo by: Annika Pettersson. Annika Pettersson
Brooch: Cutting edge, 2016
Found object, knife, wire.
Photo by: Annika Pettersson
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The Dinner is a project including performance, video and jewellery. The project investigates the act of dining from an artistic viewpoint, with thoughts on food, culture, art and especially in combination with art jewellery.

Artist list

Mia Maljojoki, Annika Pettersson
About the Artists:
Mia Maljojoki is a jewellery artist, born in Finland and now based in Munich, Germany. She has a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Massachusetts College of Art and Design, Boston, USA (2001) and Master of Fine Arts from Akademie der Bildenden Künst München, Munich, Germany (2010). In the recent years she has worked both with art jewellery and production jewellery. 

Annika Pettersson is a Swedish born jewellery artist with her base in Stockholm. She has a Master of Fine Arts from Ädellab, Konstfack in Stockholm (2008) and is currently enrolled in a one-year research program at the same University.  Pettersson is involved with various collaboration projects besides her own practice and she is one of the founders of the experimental jewellery group A5.
Mia Maljojoki. Necklace: Exactly, 2015. Porcelain. Photo by: Mia Maljojoki. Mia Maljojoki
Necklace: Exactly, 2015
Photo by: Mia Maljojoki
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