Distant Relations: Jewelry between East and West

Exhibition  /  07 Oct 2014  -  29 Oct 2014
Published: 30.09.2014
Two Cities Gallery
Shannon Guo and Anja Eichler

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The exhibition establishes the connections between the East and West. Despite the distance, the show reveals how sometimes we're close to the distant ones and how jewellery makes this bridge between continents.

Artist list

Brigitte Adolph, Alice Bo-Wen Chang, Esther Brinkmann, Bifei Cao, Xiang Dai, Laura Deakin, Anja Eichler, Ming Gu, Jutta Haase, Peter Hogeboom, Julia Maria Künnap, Jorge Manilla, Karin Roy Anderson, Lei Shen, Shiqian Zhao
The exhibition brings together artist works from China and the West. While some of the Chinese artists were influenced by the West because they received their education in jewelry there, the Western artists’ works also have or could be seen to have a relation to China. This has sometimes been intended by the artists and sometimes not. The exhibition shows that though being from different cultures and countries we are still related.


Opening: Tuesday 7 October 2014, 10 am -12 pm

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