Don't Stop Me Now

Exhibition  /  03 Oct 2023  -  22 Oct 2023
Published: 13.09.2023
Diederick Van Hovell. Aurore de Heusch. Brooch: La Fougueuse, 2023. Silver, wood and plastic. Photo by: Diederick van Hovell. Diederick Van Hovell
Aurore de Heusch
Brooch: La Fougueuse, 2023
Silver, wood and plastic
Photo by: Diederick van Hovell
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From 2 to 29 October 2023, Paris is the glorious setting for a broad overview of contemporary French and international jewellery: a rare chance for visitors and professionals alike to explore this varied and prolific world in depth at various venues across the capital. Plot your itinerary, and be prepared to marvel!