Duality: The Form and the Void by Yiwen Zhang

Exhibition  /  02 Mar 2024  -  24 Mar 2024
Published: 20.03.2024

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This solo exhibition showcases two enamel jewelry series by contemporary jewelry artist Yiwen Zhang. Although the two series are distinct in styles, both reflect philosophicality and concerns about social issues. 

Artist list

Yiwen Zhang
In the first series, Trainers, the texture and structure of the materials, as well as traces of wear, are dismantled and extracted from daily wearable items, for exploring the association between individuality and social commonality. The second series, Munch, is the artist's interpretation of Edward Munch's oil paintings. The artist tries to explore the multi-faceted nature of things and view the "pessimistic" life state from a new perspective.

There are multiple layers of "duality" to be perceived: existence and nihility, material and perception, individual and society, social classes and historical eras - these are not absolute divisions or opposites, but rather are interrelated and interdependent, forming a kind of “flow” that leads the audience into the state of "artistic contemplation".

Opening Hours: 12:00-21:00 h daily, closed on Tuesday.