Durchbrennen by Jasmin Matzakow

Exhibition  /  MunichJewelleryWeek2018  /  07 Mar 2018  -  11 Mar 2018
Published: 26.02.2018
Durchbrennen by Jasmin Matzakow.
Kunstbüro reillplast
Maurer Zilioli
Reil Peter
Necklace by Jasmin Matzakow.
. Photographed by: Joern Blohm..
Necklace by Jasmin Matzakow.
Photographed by: Joern Blohm.

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Artist list

Jasmin Matzakow
Maurer Zilioli - Contemporary Arts is a guest curator at Kunstbüro Reillplast. 

With the exhibition Durchbrennen - to burn through, to melt, to blow, to fuse, to elope work will be shown by Jasmin Matzakow.  

Jasmin Matzakow (b. 1982 in Aachen, DE) works with the primal, indeed archaic relationship between the jewellery object and its basic functions, functions which are part of its history and have forever been associated with it but in the modern and contemporary age seem displaced and forgotten.
She divests the jewellery of its socially acquired perfection and forms it from the raw material, from worthless found items, from simple things, granting only an aesthetic borne directly from the material itself. But for all that and contrary to expectations, her neck jewellery is spectacular when worn, clinging to the body, even, and forging a connection with it.
Matzakow subverts conventional definitions, challenges them and provokes a reversal, an upended conception of jewellery, which appears potent and powerful, heroic and symbolic. The secret perhaps lies in its simplicity. For the more refined and ‘overly artistic’ contemporary jewellery is, and the more intentional its ideas appear, the more complicated and undefined the object becomes. To counter this Matzakow has a successful artifice, which does not seek aggrandisement but rather a downsizing, a retreat, a reduction to only essential criteria, and which, as a result, takes effect in a modest and convincing way.


7 – 11 March, daily 10 a.m. – 7 p.m.
Aperitivo: Friday, 9 March, 5 p.m.
Jasmin Matzakow. Necklace: Ecotechnomagic: untamable, 2018. 75 plied stinging nettles.. 38 x 18 x 2 cm. Jasmin Matzakow
Necklace: Ecotechnomagic: untamable, 2018
75 plied stinging nettles.
38 x 18 x 2 cm
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