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The Essentials

Exhibition  /  21 Jan 2017  -  18 Jun 2017
Published: 18.01.2017
Harbourfront Centre
Amir Sheikhvand. Brooch: Smoke 2, 2017. Steel, Copper, Brass, Powder coating. Amir Sheikhvand
Brooch: Smoke 2, 2017
Steel, Copper, Brass, Powder coating
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Contemporary jewellery is a term widely used since the 1960s. It typifies a particular genre of jewellery that is made mostly by hand; not necessarily of precious metals, although it can be; often uses alternative materials; is not necessarily functional; and is conceptually driven.

Artist list

Marie-Eve G. Castonguay, Alex Kinsley, Pasha Moezzi, Amir Sheikhvand, Shawna Tabacznik, Anne-Sophie Vallée, Alice Yujing Yan
Much like contemporary art, contemporary jewellery expands our view of ourselves, society and the world-at-large. The uniqueness and attraction of contemporary jewellery is its direct connection to the body and ability to convey messages at an intimate level.

The Essentials is an exhibition devoted to the contemporary jewellery we wear daily. We deem essentials as basic and important in our lives. To choose contemporary jewellery rather than commercial or mass-produced jewellery defines the wearer and their interests.

At the heart of the exhibition is an opportunity to change perceptions about contemporary jewellery and its role in our daily lives. The work in this exhibition expresses the view that contemporary jewellery is not an extraordinary option but a necessary day-to-day choice.

/ Melanie Egan, Director, Craft & Design, Harbourfront Centre


Tue, Wed: Noon-6pm
Fri-Sun: Noon-6pm
Thu: Noon-8pm
Mondays: Closed except civic holidays
Anne-Sophie Vallée. Brooch: Ice Cream, 2016. Plastic, powder coated steel. Anne-Sophie Vallée
Brooch: Ice Cream, 2016
Plastic, powder coated steel
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Shawna Tabacznik. Necklace: Shimon Necklace, 2016. Sterling Silver. Shawna Tabacznik
Necklace: Shimon Necklace, 2016
Sterling Silver
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Amir Sheikhvand. Brooch: Networking 13, 2016. Steel, copper, brass, powder coating. Amir Sheikhvand
Brooch: Networking 13, 2016
Steel, copper, brass, powder coating
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