ESTONISHING! 13 Estonian jewelers in Brazil

Exhibition  /  02 Jun 2016  -  28 Jun 2016
Published: 01.06.2016

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The Estonian jewelry is revered around the world and now, for the first time, in Brazil. Galeria Thomas Cohn presents the jewelry from 13 Estonian artists.

Artist list

Sofia Hallik, Nils Hint, Piret Hirv, Julia Maria Künnap, Kristiina Laurits, Eve Margus-Villems, Kadri Mälk, Maarja Niinemägi, Villu Plink, Darja Popolitova, Ketli Tiitsar, Maria Valdma, Tanel Veenre
You do not hear a lot about Estonia in Brazil. Many (myself included) would have difficulty in locating the country and its beautiful capital Tallinn on a map. To change this panorama two separate facts happened: first, on a trip to Stockholm, a jeweler artist asked me if I would go to Tallinn during the trip. No,  I wouldn't, it wasn't on the schedule, why should I ?. She told me, go there, spend the weekend and then tell me.

I ended up going (impressive ship, leaves the Stockholm 17.00, arrives at 10:00 am Tallinn). My friend had it all organized: Tanel Veenre (who, in this meantime has had a show in the gallery) awaited me, helped me choose a  hotel, took me to the Academy, where artists and students had work to show. On Saturday night, I was invited to dinner at the home of Kadri Mälk, top-artist worldwide, present in all that was done in the jewelry store area in the last 20 years.

Tallinn is quite close to Saint Petersburg. Medieval city, looks like a fairy tale scenario. It is a place to walk, aimlessly. As in Scandinavian countries, the long cold winter, the Sun is farther away and the color palette is restricted by snow and darkness. Introverts, artists find landscapes in their mind, their meditations, their anguish. The quality of their works is among the best in Europe.

The second coincidence came about when we were advised to participate in SCHMUCK 2016, the art Fair in  Munich, Germany, the largest in contemporary jewelry. It wouldn't make sense for us as a newcomer to repeat work of artists already represented by the European galleries. The Tallinn experience was still fresh (unforgettable) and so with the cooperation of Tanel and supervision of Kadri Mälk rode ESTONISHING ! with 12 artists present and surprising success with collectors, colleagues and the public. 

Interviews prior and during to the Fair will be part of a film "AN ESTONISHING EXPERIENCE" which we hope will be ready later this year. 
The news is that the exhibition(with most of the works) continues here in Sao Paulo at our address with opening scheduled on June 2, 2016 at 7 p.m.
Don't miss. The Estonian jewelry is revered around the world. Those who want to dig deeper, will find excellent  in the book CASTLE IN THE AIR and in the exhibition catalog FROM THE COOLEST CORNER that circled by two years in the Scandinavian capitals. / THOMAS COHN GALLERY – SAO PAULO - BRAZIL
Tanel Veenre. Necklace: Magic Flute II, 2016. Reconstructed lazurite, wood, lazurite, silver, cosmic dust. Photo by: Tanel Veenre. Tanel Veenre
Necklace: Magic Flute II, 2016
Reconstructed lazurite, wood, lazurite, silver, cosmic dust
Photo by: Tanel Veenre
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Kadri Mälk. Brooch: Duende 1, 2016. Painted cibatool, silver, pleonast.. Kadri Mälk
Brooch: Duende 1, 2016
Painted cibatool, silver, pleonast.
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Julia Maria Künnap. Brooch: Mother and daughter I, 2015. Gold, obsidian. Julia Maria Künnap
Brooch: Mother and daughter I, 2015
Gold, obsidian
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Piret Hirv. Brooch: One Straw, 2015. Silver. Piret Hirv
Brooch: One Straw, 2015
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Villu Plink. Brooch: J.T., 2015. Painted iron, plastic, steel 
.  . Villu Plink
Brooch: J.T., 2015
Painted iron, plastic, steel 
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Ketli Tiitsar. Brooch: Second Nature V, 2016. Ash wood, silver, pigment. Ketli Tiitsar
Brooch: Second Nature V, 2016
Ash wood, silver, pigment
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