Eternal shine: ponys in transit

Exhibition  /  03 Oct 2010  -  24 Oct 2010
Published: 29.09.2010

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Eternal shine, real and fake, to be or not to be - that is again the question... We warmly invite you to experience the exhibition Eternal shine – ponys in transit.
We started with the idea of a mirrored gallery. Our intention is to create space for our jewellery that offers a world behind the first sight. The audience is challenged to distinguish between illusion and reality. Dimensions and perspectives switch. The viewer also sees his/her own reflection and is immediatley involved in the story of "Eternal shine"....real and be or not to be...that is again the question...
Constanze Schreiber. Necklace: Marike, 2010. Finesilver, copper, 18ct gold clasp. Length 22cm. Constanze Schreiber
Necklace: Marike, 2010
Finesilver, copper, 18ct gold clasp
Length 22cm
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Florian Weichsberger. Brooch: Demon, 2010. Plastic. Florian Weichsberger
Brooch: Demon, 2010
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Melanie Isverding. Brooch: Manipulation #5, 2010. Mixed media. Melanie Isverding
Brooch: Manipulation #5, 2010
Mixed media
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Nicole Beck. Brooch: Fischmänner, 2010. Mixed media. Nicole Beck
Brooch: Fischmänner, 2010
Mixed media
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